I provide birth preparation classes in the form of GentleBirth Weekend classes. This class is the ultimate brain fitness program and it has everything you need for birth and beyond

I also provide Comfort measure classes, Confident partner classes and Mindfulness classes for pregnancy.

Doula services

Birth doula services

I support you during pregnancy, birth and right after. I will help you express your needs and stay focused during the birthing process. I also help you and your partner bond during the whole process. My tasks are not medical but more on the supportive side.


Postpartum doula services

I help by being by your side and providing the needed service - weather comforting you in your time of need, taking out the trash or do some shopping, cooking something for you or help you take a shower, I understand first hand the need for help after birth. You deserve help and understanding


Social events

Do you want to have a different kind of Baby Shower ? Then let's do an event that focuses more on support, sisterhood and love of your friends. Let's give this birth some good vibes and make it unique, just like you.


Birth Photography

Since I started providing birth preparation classes and birth doula support I have been sometimes asked to do birth photography. I have now been blessed to be able to participate in so many unique photo sessions and I am very thankful. If you want to be able to look back on those unique moments of your child's birth, contact me and I will be there to capture those moments



Personalized services

I do not believe that "one recipe fits all" . I believe we are all unique and we need services adapted to fit those needs. I am a very flexible and judgement free individual so please, feel free to contact me if you need a personalized service.