These are a few common questions I get from expecting parents. I will gladly answer any other questions you have if you send them via email or call me.

What services do you provide?

I provide Birth Doula Services, Childbirth Preparation Classes, Comfort Measures for Pregnancy classes and Birth Photography.

The Childbirth Preparation classes I currently provide  are GentleBirth classes that teach not only physiology and birth related information, but we also work on the mindset by using techniques such as Mindfulness, Hypnosis and CBT (cognitive brain training) to prepare for birth and beyond.

I also provide exercises for pregnant moms to help alleviate pregnancy back/belly/feel pain and relaxation/stamina massage after birth.

What is a  doula?

A doula can be a person dedicated to you before, during and after birth. As a birth doula, I focus more on the labour period but we do meet up twice before birth to discuss preferences, options and once after birth.

Birth is an emotional event and it can get overwhelming, especially when you are in a foreign country. I can help you and your partner emotionally, by helping you focus and give you suggestions on activities that can make your labour more pleasant.

I also provide comfort measures:

  • mindfulness sessions
  • hypnosis exercises
  • massage during labour
  • rebozo techniques


What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

The difference is that a doula does not provide medical tasks and does not interfere in the medical act. The doula is not a replacement but rather part of the team, your team, so you can have support, focus and informed decisions.

How can I talk to you in person?

You can contact me on my contact email contact(at) or you can call me at 015145878300