GentleBirth Childbirth Workshops

2 day intensive  weekend workshop

GentleBirth workshops are very different from other birth preparation classes. While it is a full Childbirth Education Class, the main focus is on brain training for birth. We use Evidence Based and up to date information in classes.We use tools such as Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Cognitive Brain Training and we work on the Mindset of your birth. We give you comfort tools and information regarding the navigation of the medical system.

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Birth Doula Services

Your birth, your story. 

I offer Birth Doula services in Munich. I am a  trained birth professional and I have 2 years experience being a doula in Munich. I know that giving birth can be an emotional time and it can put a lot of pressure on a family, especially if you are coming from outside of Germany. Let me be there for you! Birth can be wonderful.

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Comfort Measures for Pregnancy and Birth

Focus.Relax.Give birth 

Rebozo techniques and massage techniques for relaxation. I can offer tips on mobility and exercises you can do to have the best out of pregnancy. Ligaments should not hurt during pregnancy and sometimes if they do, it means they are not balanced. Let's feel good, relax, learn and encourage a comfortable pregnancy

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Birth partner support  training

Get your partner ready to be there for you on the big day. This class is aimed at teaching your partner how to be focused and prepared so that he/she can help you more during the day of birth.

This class focuses on:

  • partner connection
  • stress resilience
  • comfort measures
  • positive mindset
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Your birth, your story

They say that the way we give birth also changes our lives as mothers  but I believe it is more in the mindset to label our experiences as good and bad. In fact I dare say that birth preparation courses should focus on  mindset.

My job is a blessing for me and I am always grateful to be able to be a part of birth. There is no greater feeling in this world, it is very humbling.

I believe that every family is different and we all have different visions on what a perfect birth would look like. My purpose it to give you tools and the information to pursue your  birth of choice. I am there to give you hope, comfort, trust and companionship. I am there to help you connect with your partner.



Birth Doula, Childbirth Instructor in English